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99kisses, 1 true love

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What's 99kisses mean?
Once upon a time, there was a girl who had very little luck in love. she was a real dating machine; always on the hunt to find her other half. though, after several failed attempts at finding her soulmate and countless/meaningless soul searching via making out with strangers, she decided that kissing everyone she meets isn't the solution to happiness.

so one day, she told herself, 'if i manage to stay with someone long enough that we would have our 99th kiss together, then he is the one for me!'

but of course, she goes back to her old ways by making out with EVEN MORE people and doesn't even remember she even promised herself that....UNTIL...one day, she met an unusual boy...

they dated for some time, and one day, when driving her back home after their night out, the boy walked her to the door and said "nighty night"

it instantly reminded her of her promise, and she asked him, "99?"

confused, he replied, "no, nighty night"

she again asked him, "no, you mean 99?!!"

but before he could figure out what she was talking about, she burst in tears and hugged him haippily, then looked deeply into his eyes and kissed him passionately..

and as she kissed him, she realized that it wasn't the quantity of kisses, be it 99 or 10,000, exchanged between two people that represents love, it was the quality of it that does.

the moral of the story is,

have you found your 99kisses??
(is a shorten version of the story so it may be prone to exaggeration, but who cares!)